Detox Programs

Wellbeing Starts From The Inside

No doubt you hear the word ‘detox’ mentioned pretty regularly these days, so let’s clarify exactly what it means.

Detoxification is the process of safely eliminating toxins from the body.  It is one of the oldest medical treatments known to man and it is extremely beneficial to detox regularly to promote health and vitality.

Toxins are found almost everywhere. From water we drink, air we breathe, food we eat and household and cosmetic products we use, our bodies have the enormous job of eliminating these toxins.  These toxic substances may include heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, parasites, synthetic hormones, tobacco, undigested food endo-toxins and exo-tonics produced in our bowels by unfriendly bacteria.

DETOXologie has specifically created individualised detox programs designed to last for between three and thirty days. Our results-driven programs can be designed to include herbal remedies, colon hydrotherapy, digestive tonics, liver and kidney cleanses, herbal teas, organic soups and juices, detoxifying wraps, lymphatic drainage, cupping and or freezing, aesthetician extractions, diet planning, nutritional or naturopathic advise.

Talk to us today about what detox program will be of most benefit to you.